Arial photo of the Dolphin International School

Dolphin International School is an Independent co-education Institution, established in 2008 in a rented premise, and driven to provide opportunities of learning to children impacted socially, emotionally and economically by various conflicts.

DIS also provides free education to close to 100 children from the valley. One of the main mottos of the school is to become an active model of a culture, which fosters understanding and empathy, and prepares children to navigate critically in the world beyond school. It is designed to empower children to become independently responsible citizens of tomorrow.

In an environment where children are constantly facing traumatic situations and are not able to see anything beyond a threatened future, it becomes imperative for schools to create hope and open possibilities for them to grow out of their realities. In view of this and to achieve the goals of inclusivity and social change, Dolphin strives to elevate itself to a wider learning platform and engage its learners in cognitive, social and global exchange.

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